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Flat Fee Representation

I determine each fee on a case-by-case basis after carefully evaluating your unique needs and goals.

Understanding Probate

A skilled probate lawyer may be the assistance you need to have a probate case resolved as swiftly as possible.

Why Hire an Attorney

Establishing a Revocable Living Trust may allow you to protect a greater share of your property for your loved ones.


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When there is not enough money to cover all your bills, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. If you are in debt, you may be pressured by creditors to pay money you do not have. It can get to the point where you fear picking up the phone, or even going through your mail, overwhelmed by bill collectors and sales people offering everything from debt settlement programs to loan modifications. Fortunately, you have the power to get back on track with your finances. Taking the first step to learn about your options is a smart and courageous act.

Real Solutions For Your Financial Future

E. Vincent Wood, Esq. - Bankruptcy Attorney

The Law Offices of E. Vincent Wood will help you get back on your feet. We take pride in showing people how the Bankruptcy process can help them. Our bankruptcy attorneys can find an ideal solution for you. Selecting the right bankruptcy law firm to handle your bankruptcy can mean the difference between financial recovery and long-term pain. We will provide you with a bankruptcy lawyer who is reputable, professional, and accessible, and will deliver superior legal representation at a fair price. We are dedicated to providing superior customer service and customizing financial solutions for our clients.


Reliable Bankruptcy Attorney

The Federal Bankruptcy laws preempt California collections laws. This means that filing for Bankruptcy will force your creditors to cease all debt collection activity. Depending on your unique situation, you will either be able to fully discharge your debts or pay back at least some of your debts. We may also be able to remove and eliminate mortgage and judicial liens. Our goal is to help to you get a fresh start.

Because there are many Attorneys that claim to offer Bankruptcy services, it may seem like they are all the same. Just like other professions, choosing the right Bankruptcy Attorney can make a difference. Since navigating the Bankruptcy laws can be very complex, you need to hire an attorney whose judgment you can trust.


FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION: We offer a free initial phone consultation, which enables us to review your information and make an informed opinion whether bankruptcy is your best option. We know your time is valuable. A 30-minute phone call will help us to understand if bankruptcy is the best choice for you.

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The prevailing practice among Bankruptcy attorneys is to offer a flat fee for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases. Our firm falls well within the industry standard price range, and you should expect the cost for a typical Chapter 7 case in the range of $1.200 to $1,800 (plus mandatory court filing fees of $335), and the price for a typical Chapter 13 case will vary depending the amount of work required. The price we quote you will be based on the complexity of your specific situation, and we will always provide you with a quote as part of our free consultation.

Warning: Be wary of lawyers who advertise cheap rates. This is usually a sign you are getting involved with a firm that is struggling to get clients in the door or a “bankruptcy mill”, which relies on non-lawyer support staff to provide a one-size-fits-all bankruptcy with little personal attention and failure to file documents on time or attend court hearings. Our advice is to hire the attorney in whom you have the most confidence and who you believe you will enjoy working with.

Our Home Saving Services:

  • Stop Foreclosure
  • Chapter 13 (Traditional 5 Year Plans)
  • Chapter 13 (6 Month Sale/Refi Plans)
  • 2nd Mortgage Lien Strips
  • HOA Lien Settlement
  • Loan Modifications
  • Tax Resolutions
  • Debt Settlements

The Law Offices of E. Vincent Wood
We have offices in Antioch, Richmond, Walnut Creek, Oakland, Dublin and Fremont.

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